concatenated code

concatenated code
каскадный код

Англо-русский словарь компьютерных и интернет терминов. 2013.

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  • Concatenated error correction code — In coding theory, concatenated codes form a class of error correcting codes that are derived by combining an inner code and an outer code. They were conceived in 1966 by Dave Forney as a solution to the problem of finding a code that has both… …   Wikipedia

  • Concatenated error correction codes — In coding theory, concatenated codes form a class of error correcting codes which are derived by combining an inner code and an outer code.DescriptionLet C be a code with length N , size K and minimum distance D over an alphabet A with k symbols …   Wikipedia

  • Convolutional code — In telecommunication, a convolutional code is a type of error correcting code in which each m bit information symbol (each m bit string) to be encoded is transformed into an n bit symbol, where m/n is the code rate (n ≥ m) and the transformation… …   Wikipedia

  • Prefix code — A prefix code is a code, typically a variable length code, with the prefix property : no code word is a prefix of any other code word in the set. A code with code words {0, 10, 11} has the prefix property; a code consisting of {0, 1, 10, 11} does …   Wikipedia

  • Justesen code — In coding theory, Justesen codes form a class of error correcting codes which are derived from Reed Solomon codes and have good error control properties.DefinitionLet R be a Reed Solomon code of length N = 2 m − 1, rank K and minimum weight N − K …   Wikipedia

  • Raptor code — In computer science, raptor codes are one of the first known classes of fountain codes with linear time encoding and decoding. They were invented by Amin Shokrollahi in 2000/2001 and were first published in 2004 as an extended abstract.Raptor… …   Wikipedia

  • Zigzag code — is a simple linear error correcting code [ Li Ping, Zigzag codes and concatenated zigzag codes , IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, special issue on codes on graphs, vol., IT 47, no. 2, pp., 800 ndash;807, Feb. 2001.] . It can be described graphically… …   Wikipedia

  • Disjunct matrix — Disjunct and separable matrices play a pivotal role in the mathematical area of non adaptive group testing. This area investigates efficient designs and procedures to identify needles in haystacks by conducting the tests on groups of items… …   Wikipedia

  • Satellite modem — A satellite modem or sat modem is a modem used to establish data transfers using a communications satellite as a relay.There is a wide range of satellite modems from cheap devices for home internet access to expensive multifunctional equipment… …   Wikipedia

  • Турбо-код — Турбо код  параллельный каскадный блоковый систематический код, способный исправлять ошибки, возникающие при передаче цифровой информации по каналу связи с шумами. Синонимом турбо кода является известный в теории кодирования термин … …   Википедия

  • Concatenation (mathematics) — In mathematics, concatenation is the joining of two numbers by their numerals. That is, the concatenation of 123 and 456 is 123456. Concatenation of numbers a and b is denoted a||b. Relevant subjects in recreational mathematics include… …   Wikipedia

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